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Perceptions of Practice: Photography. Nottingham Trent University, 11 July, 2011.

6 July, 2011

Perceptions of Practice: Photography


Perceptions of Practice: Photography is a series of workshops that set out to investigate what constitutes photographic practice today. The series promotes enquiry into contemporary photographic practice and its associated disciplines through placing presentations and discussions on established concepts of photographic tradition and the moving image alongside those arising from digital developments, such as the virtual camera, information clouds, network technology and the cultural consequences of photography as hyperobject.


Workshop 1   11 July  10.00-17.00 Arkwright 110




Jean Baird [Nottingham Trent University]

Annie Cattrell [Artist]





Guy Birkin [Nottingham Trent University]


Visual Complexity: Practice and Perception in Art & Design



Alfredo Cramerotti  [Quad, Derby and Intellect Books]


Expanded Photography/The Hyperimage



Paul Caplan [Birkbeck, University of London, Centre for Media, Culture and Creative Practice,]


Object Oriented Photography



Jed Hoyland  [Nottingham Trent University]


Stillness/Silence/Arrangements (perhaps with a bit of speaking]



Robert Jackson [School of Art and Media, University of Plymouth]


Fried, Heidegger and Jeff Wall: The problem with ‘capturing’ equipment in photography



Andy Lock       [Nottingham Trent University]


Circumstantial Evidence: Experiments in photographic inquiry and applied research




David Reid [Nottingham Trent University]


It won’t lie still: an ecology of practice



Jonathan Watts [Royal College of Art]


Rehearsing Practice



All welcome


For further information contact



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